armed forces day
saturday • may 20, 2017
7am CST

Dear Runners,
Thank you so very much for entering the 42ND Running of the Beach to Bay Relay Marathon. The following data us current and up-to-date, your team is sorted by your team captain’s last name.

Any and all changes you need to make maybe done on packet pick up day!

All data for the race must be entered manually entered to maintain accuracy and clarity, due to the many divisions within the Beach to Bay Relay Marathon. Your team’s information should appear in a timely manner but please give me some time to enter all the data. Your BIB number will be assigned at Packet Pickup!

Thank you and can’t wait to see you soon, safe running and good luck!
Chuck Trexler Database Coordinator, Beach to Bay Relay Marathon
(Updated Monday, March 24, 2017 2:58 pm)

Division First Name Last Name
Odds & Ends Jeannette Acuna
Odds & Ends Della Adame
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Zuniga Adolph
Odds & Ends Crystal Aguilar
Odds & Ends April Alejandro
Odds & Ends Maria Alexander
Odds & Ends Ronnie Almaguer
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Luis Alvaro
Women’s Open Dana Anthony
Odds & Ends Elena Arizmendez
Odds & Ends Alyssa Arredondo
Odds & Ends Erik Arredondo
Men’s Open Israel Arroyo Jr
Men’s Open Joe Arzola
Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women Mike Ashburn
Odds & Ends Hector Avila
Men’s Open Paul Avila
Women’s Open Yvonne Avila
Middle School Odds & Ends Daniel Baggerman
Commercial Melanie Balderas
Odds & Ends Luis Barajas
Senior Masters Men Robert Barger
Middle School Odds & Ends Adair Bates
Odds & Ends Raelynn Beaty
3 Men – 3 Women Todd Bellino
Women’s Open Patsy Benchoff
Odds & Ends Maria Bernal
Odds & Ends Michelle Beseda
Odds & Ends Marcos Betancourt
Women’s Open Nicole Biggerstaff
3 Men – 3 Women Amy Bishop
Women’s Open Mitzi Bishop
Odds & Ends Kathleen Blake
Odds & Ends Jerry Boehm
Odds & Ends julie boehm
Elementary Female Svetlana Bondarenko
3 Men – 3 Women Bill Bonilla
3 Men – 3 Women Daniel Bouchard
Women’s Open Angela Bowyer
Odds & Ends Meagan Bratz
Odds & Ends Teresa Bray
Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women Jennifer Brooks
Commercial Michael Budd
Odds & Ends Lawrence Bustos
Odds & Ends Donald Butler
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Hector Cadena
Odds & Ends Pamela Calder
Odds & Ends Vanessa Cantu
3 Men – 3 Women Martin Cantu Jr
Odds & Ends Milla Carbajal
Odds & Ends Sherry Carrillo
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Raymond Castaneda
Women’s Open Lynn CASTILLO
Women’s Open Claudia Castro
Senior Masters Men Juan Castro
3 Men – 3 Women Jose Cavazos
Commercial Belinda Chism
Women’s Open Beverly Cisneros
Women’s Open Sharon Clingman
Odds & Ends Erica Cochrum
Master 3 Men 3 Women Kelly Coe
Women’s Open Pilar Colmenero
3 Men – 3 Women George Conde
Women’s Open Debra Cooper
Women’s Open Violet Copado
Women’s Open Traci Copeland
Odds & Ends Manuel Coronado
Odds & Ends Jeremy Cortez
Odds & Ends John Crockett
Odds & Ends Robert Cuevas
Odds & Ends Copeland Cynthia
Odds & Ends Steven Daniels
Odds & Ends Trenton Despain
Odds & Ends Connie Dieringer
Odds & Ends John Doty
Women’s Open KIM DOWDY
Master’s Women Kim Dugas
Commercial Rick Dyer
3 Men – 3 Women Ramon Echevarria
Senior Masters Women Audrey Eden
Commercial Lori Edwards
Men’s Open edward elizondo
Women’s Open Paola Elizondo
Commercial Patti Elliott-Harmon
Women’s Open Emily Elward
Odds & Ends ben engelhardt
Odds & Ends Juan Enriquez
Odds & Ends Mary Enriquez
Odds & Ends Alicia Escobard
Odds & Ends Jessica Esparza
Odds & Ends Leticia Espinosa
Men’s Open Matt Ezell
Women’s Open Anastasiya Farukshina
Odds & Ends Mari Feist
Odds & Ends Chance Fenner
Odds & Ends Karen Fergason
Odds & Ends Monica Fernandez
Odds & Ends Crystal Fewell
Odds & Ends Brenda Figueroa
Odds & Ends Daniel Fischer
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire CANDICE FLESNER
Commercial jaime flores
Odds & Ends Destina Flores
3 Men – 3 Women Alex Flores
Odds & Ends Homer Flores
Elementary Odd and Ends Alredo Franco
Women’s Open Selene Fuentes
Commercial Prisilla Fullen
Women’s Open Ana Gallegos
Senior Masters Men Carl Galloway
3 Men – 3 Women Beth Gamel
Odds & Ends Luke Garcia
Odds & Ends Rachael Garcia
Odds & Ends J.R. Garcia
Women’s Open Monica Garcia
3 Men – 3 Women Steve Garcia
Men’s Open Leo Garcia
Commercial Adrian Garcia
Odds & Ends Lizette Garcia
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Walter Garcia
3 Men – 3 Women Alex Garcia
Odds & Ends Alex Garcia Jr
Odds & Ends Maribel Garza
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Calistro Garza
Master’s Women Michelle Garza
Odds & Ends Mariela GArza
Odds & Ends Ray Garza
3 Men – 3 Women Eduardo Garza
3 Men – 3 Women Juan Garza
Odds & Ends Jordan Gaza
Women’s Open Kristi Gentry
Women’s Open Ashley Gibson
Men’s Open Michael Glendenning
3 Men – 3 Women Carla Gloria
Odds & Ends Rene Glover
Women’s Open Tetyana Goncharova
Commercial June Gonzales
Odds & Ends Ray Gonzales
Men’s Open Ramsey Gonzales
3 Men – 3 Women Karisa Gonzales
Women’s Open Sylvia Gonzalez
Odds & Ends Gloria Gonzalez
Men’s Open Robert Gonzalez
Odds & Ends Asella Gonzalez
Odds & Ends Gabriel Gonzalez
Odds & Ends Leslie Graham
Women’s Open Veronika Grebennikova
Elementary Odds & Ends Kirf Grebennikova
Odds & Ends Phil Griffith
Odds & Ends Christian Gross
Odds & Ends Craig Guillen
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Rudy Guzman
Women’s Open Margaret Halbert
Odds & Ends Terri Hall
Men’s Open Brian Hand
Women’s Open Michelle Hanson
Women’s Open Laura Hausman
Odds & Ends Patty Heath
Odds & Ends Melton Heath
Women’s Open Cheryl Heath
Master’s Women Tracie Henneke
Odds & Ends Marco Hernandez
3 Men – 3 Women JoAnne Hernandez
Odds & Ends Leonor Hernandez
Odds & Ends Maria Hernandez
Men’s Open Aaron Hernandez
Odds & Ends Sergio Hernandez
Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women Samuel Hernandez
3 Men – 3 Women Raul Hernandez Jr
Odds & Ends Mateo Herrero
3 Men – 3 Women Abel Herrero
Women’s Open Leah Herring
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Michael Hess
Master’s Men Stephen Hight
Odds & Ends Matthew Hilbig
Odds & Ends Les Hoffman
Odds & Ends Greg Howard
3 Men – 3 Women Todd Hunter
Master’s Men Grant Hunter
Women’s Open Joanna Ives
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Rich Jaimes
Odds & Ends Megan Jaramillo
Odds & Ends Lety Jeffords
3 Men – 3 Women Kyle Jewasko
Odds & Ends Lane Johnson
3 Men – 3 Women Jacalyn Johnson-Alviza
Women’s Open Imelda Jones
Ultra Masters Men Dave Jones
3 Men – 3 Women Myron Jones
Odds & Ends Leslie Kane
Odds & Ends Ralph Keck
Women’s Open Stephanie Kemp
Master’s Women Shelby Killion
3 Men – 3 Women Arnold Kimball
Commercial Christina King
Commercial Jerry Kizerian
Women’s Open Sierra Krauskopf
Junior Men Jacob Krupa
Odds & Ends J. Scott Kruse
Commercial Connie Kruslyak
Odds & Ends La Shae Kukendall
3 Men – 3 Women Patricia Labay
Women’s Open Kendra Lange
Odds & Ends Lt. Raymond Lara
3 Men – 3 Women Rachel Larsen
Odds & Ends Destiny Lay
Senior Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women Benny Le Bon
Commercial megan lebrecht
Odds & Ends Jesus Leija
Commercial Allison Levy
Odds & Ends Peggy Lewis
Odds & Ends Allen Libbe
Women’s Open Lupita Longoria
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Sean Lott
Women’s Open Christina Lozano
Men’s Open Chris Luna
Odds & Ends Jerry Lunceford
3 Men – 3 Women Ernie MacDonald
Elementary Odds & Ends Michael Maingot
Commercial Belinda Maldondo
Odds & Ends Chris Malherek
Men’s Open Cody Manuel
Men’s Open Steve Marion
Odds & Ends Sara Martinez
Master’s Women Rosario Martinez
3 Men – 3 Women Dustin Martinez
Odds & Ends Susana Martinez
3 Men – 3 Women Oscar Martinez Jr
Master’s Women julie mCaLLISTER
Odds & Ends Doug McBee Jr.
Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women Tina McDaniel
Women’s Open Lili McEntire
Odds & Ends Monica McKenzie
Odds & Ends Carmen McNally
Women’s Open Carrie McRee
Odds & Ends Omar Medina
Women’s Open Rachel Meldrum
Odds & Ends Norma Mendez
Women’s Open Karisa Miller
Odds & Ends Kenneth Mitchell
3 Men – 3 Women Mark Molina
3 Men – 3 Women Natalie Monsivais
Women’s Open Olga Montee
Odds & Ends Michelle Moore
Odds & Ends Ashley Moore
Women’s Open Kim Moore
Odds & Ends Frank Morales
Women’s Open Denise Morales
Commercial Jacob Morales
Odds & Ends Rick Morales
Elementary Odds & Ends Ryan Morales
Odds & Ends Judith Moreno
Women’s Open Fawn Morgan
3 Men – 3 Women Moises Mota
Odds & Ends Becky Mota
Odds & Ends Joe Mota
3 Men – 3 Women Benny Mota
3 Men – 3 Women enrique moya
Odds & Ends Mark Muniz
Odds & Ends Kaitlyn Munoz
Women’s Open Melissa Munsell
Odds & Ends Rebekah Murtagh
Odds & Ends shelly naro
Odds & Ends Joe Navarro
Odds & Ends Raquel Navarro
3 Men – 3 Women Tien Nguyen
Women’s Open Carla Nolen
Odds & Ends Amy O’Brien
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Mario Ocana
Men’s Open Bryan Oliva
Odds & Ends Shelly Olsovsky
Women’s Open Lupita Olvera
3 Men – 3 Women Sophia Ommani
Odds & Ends Edwina Orosco Hicks
Women’s Open Monica Ortenzio
Odds & Ends Richard Ortiz
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Sandra Ortiz
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Richard Ortiz
Men’s Open Nikolay Ortiz
Women’s Open Valeria Ortiz
Women’s Open Heidemarie Osborn
Odds & Ends John otto
3 Men – 3 Women Chris Owen
Odds & Ends Raynette Oyama
Women’s Open Maribel Pack
3 Men – 3 Women Brett Pancamo
Women’s Open AMY PAYNE
Odds & Ends Travis Payton
Odds & Ends Billy Pearson
3 Men – 3 Women Marion Pena
Odds & Ends Veronica Pena
Odds & Ends Jennifer Perez
Odds & Ends George Perez
Women’s Open Rachel Perez
Odds & Ends Linda Peterson
Odds & Ends Alyssa Pimentel
3 Men – 3 Women Nicolas Pizana
Master’s Women Brigette Powers
Odds & Ends Deborah Pruitt
Odds & Ends Marina Puentes
Odds & Ends Christina Quinones
Odds & Ends Tracy Quiroz
Commercial Summer Quirsfeld
Women’s Open Annie Quysner
Odds & Ends Arnulfo Ramirez
Odds & Ends Yvonne Ramirez
Odds & Ends Araceli Ramirez
Odds & Ends Randy Rangel
Odds & Ends Eve Ray
Ultra Men Jesse Real
Odds & Ends Joshua Rendon
Odds & Ends Esteban Reyes
Odds & Ends Glenda Rhodes
Women’s Open Dara Richardson
Odds & Ends Roy M. Riojas
Odds & Ends Karin Rios
3 Men – 3 Women Rachel Rivas
Odds & Ends Heriberto Rivera
Commercial Jackie Rivera
Odds & Ends Kate Roberson
Odds & Ends Corina Rodriguez
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Joe Rodriguez
Odds & Ends Elvia Rodriguez
Master’s Men Roland Rodriguez
Women’s Open Margie Rodriguez
Odds & Ends Stephen Rodriguez
Odds & Ends Rick Rodriguez
Odds & Ends Sharra Rodriguez
Women’s Open Rosie Rodriguez
Odds & Ends Lorenzo Rojas
Odds & Ends Ruben Romero
Odds & Ends Connor Rye
Odds & Ends Verne Sadler
Elementary Female Trinity Salazar
Odds & Ends Daniel Salinas
Odds & Ends Jacob salinas
Odds & Ends Joe Salinas
Odds & Ends robert sanchez
Odds & Ends Araceli Sanchez
3 Men – 3 Women Melina Sanchez
Odds & Ends Chuck Scholz
Men’s Open Dustin Schroeder
Odds & Ends Lonnie Schwirtlich
Odds & Ends Tammie Shelton
Master’s Women Laura Shelton
Master 3 Men 3 Women Lisa Short
Women’s Open Jennifer Sleight
Senior Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women Lynn Smiley
Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women Michael Smiley
Odds & Ends Victoria Smith
3 Men – 3 Women Paul Snyder
Odds & Ends Justin Solis
Women’s Open Vickee Soliz
3 Men – 3 Women Jose Sosa
Master’s Men Jerry Southerland
Odds & Ends Erin Spangler
3 Men – 3 Women Kathy Sparkes
Elementary Odds & Ends Carter Spivey
Odds & Ends Charles Staley
Women’s Open edith stephenson
Odds & Ends Kay Stiles
Odds & Ends Loren Stuive
Men’s Open Esteban Suarez
3 Men – 3 Women Jacklynn Sykora
Odds & Ends Jose Tavares
Odds & Ends Sarah Tello
Odds & Ends Michelle Teveni-Hernandez
3 Men – 3 Women Diane Thelen
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Tiffany Tienda
3 Men – 3 Women Tomas Torres
Odds & Ends Maria Torres
Odds & Ends Sergio Trevino
3 Men – 3 Women Jeanette trevino
Odds & Ends Toni Trouart
Senior Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women Herman Vacca
3 Men – 3 Women Vanessa Valdez
Men’s Open Thomas Valenzuela
3 Men – 3 Women Jesus Vallejo
Senior Masters Men David Varga
Women’s Open Rachel Velasquez
3 Men – 3 Women Sara Rose Vera
Commercial Victoria Vidaurre
Odds & Ends Rosa Villarreal
Odds & Ends Joyce Villarreal
Odds & Ends Elias Villarreal
Women’s Open Iris Villarreal
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Pablo Villarreal
3 Men – 3 Women Faren Von Duben
Women’s Open Paige Walker
Odds & Ends Ostine Watts
Women’s Open Kayla Wedige
Commercial Amy Welch
Odds & Ends Royce Wells
Women’s Open Mary Wells
Odds & Ends Steward West
Women’s Open Erika West
Odds & Ends Leean Whipple
Odds & Ends Bella Williford
Odds & Ends Cathy Wilson
Women’s Open Vicky Winans
Senior Masters Men Joseph Wincelowicz
Odds & Ends Kenneth WINDHORST
Odds & Ends Kimberly Witt
Odds & Ends Carol Wood
Women’s Open Krystal Wood
Odds & Ends Larry Woods
Odds & Ends Jason Young
3 Men – 3 Women julian zamarripa
Odds & Ends Priscilla Zavala
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Andrea Zuniga