armed forces day
saturday • may 20, 2017
7am CST

Dear Runners,
Thank you so very much for entering the 42ND Running of the Beach to Bay Relay Marathon. The following data us current and up-to-date, your team is sorted by your team captain’s last name.

Any and all changes you need to make maybe done on packet pick up day!

All data for the race must be entered manually entered to maintain accuracy and clarity, due to the many divisions within the Beach to Bay Relay Marathon. Your team’s information should appear in a timely manner but please give me some time to enter all the data.

Your BIB number will be assigned at Packet Pickup!

Thank you and can’t wait to see you soon, safe running and good luck!
Chuck Trexler Database Coordinator, Beach to Bay Relay Marathon
(Updated Monday, April 29, 2017 10:42 am)

Please Select Your Team Category: First Name Last Name
3 Men – 3 Women Veronica Acosta
Odds & Ends Jackie Acuña
Odds & Ends Jeannette Acuna
Odds & Ends Tabitha Acuna
Odds & Ends Arthur Acuna
Odds & Ends Della Adame
Women’s Open Lynsey Adame
3 Men – 3 Women Laura Adamek
Elementary Male Clay Addison
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Zuniga Adolph
Odds & Ends Crystal Aguilar
Odds & Ends Christina Aguilar
Odds & Ends Calista Aguilar
Elementary Odds & Ends Exidous Aguilar
3 Men – 3 Women Jordan Aguilera
Commercial Gloriana Aguirre
3 Men – 3 Women James Alanis
Commercial Erica Alcala
Women’s Open Bianca Alegria
Odds & Ends April Alejandro
Odds & Ends Clarissa Aleman
Odds & Ends Maria Alexander
Women’s Open Amanda Allen
Odds & Ends Ronnie Almaguer
Odds & Ends Andrea Alonzo
Elementary Odds & Ends Layla Alvarado
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Rene Alvarez
Odds & Ends daniel alvarez
Odds & Ends Lillian Alvarez
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Luis Alvaro
Odds & Ends Michele Alvear
Odds & Ends Joe Alvirde
Odds & Ends Mario Amaro
Women’s Open April Ames
Odds & Ends BEN AMOLES
Women’s Open Dolly Anaya
Women’s Open Jordan Anderson
Women’s Open Dane Andress
Elementary Male Cru Andruzzi
Odds & Ends DEBRA ANNO
Women’s Open Dana Anthony
Odds & Ends Brett Anthony
Odds & Ends Fred Anthony
Women’s Open Jeanene Anthony
Middle School Female Jordan Anthony
Women’s Open Christina Aranda
Odds & Ends Marc Arguijo
Odds & Ends Elena Arizmendez
3 Men – 3 Women Carlo Armijo
Odds & Ends Alyssa Arredondo
Odds & Ends Erik Arredondo
Odds & Ends Robert Arredondo
Odds & Ends Joseph Arriaga
Odds & Ends Cristina Arrisola
Men’s Open Israel Arroyo Jr
Men’s Open Joe Arzola
Commercial Billy Asare
Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women Mike Ashburn
Middle School Male Ryan Ashurst
Women’s Open Rebecca Atnip
Women’s Open Liesela Austin
Odds & Ends Hector Avila
Men’s Open Paul Avila
Women’s Open Yvonne Avila
Women’s Open Melissa Avila
Odds & Ends Karol B lake
Commercial Yong Baek
Middle School Odds & Ends Daniel Baggerman
Odds & Ends Alex Baldera
Commercial Melanie Balderas
Odds & Ends Sammantha Baldwin
Odds & Ends Rodney Baltierra
Odds & Ends Jose Banales
Odds & Ends Laura Banda
Odds & Ends Luis Barajas
Elementary Odds & Ends Kyle Barganski
Senior Masters Men Robert Barger
Commercial LeAnna Barnett
Commercial Rick Barquero
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Homar Barrera
Odds & Ends Clarisa Barrientes
Junior Men Noah Barrientez
Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women Luis Barrios
Women’s Open Mel Basurto
3 Men – 3 Women Aaron Batchelor
Middle School Odds & Ends Adair Bates
Odds & Ends Jennifer Bautista
Odds & Ends Twyla Bazaldua
Odds & Ends Raelynn Beaty
Odds & Ends Jessica Beck
Odds & Ends Sam Beecroft
Odds & Ends Stephen Bell
3 Men – 3 Women Natasha Bell
3 Men – 3 Women Todd Bellino
Odds & Ends Maria Benavente
Women’s Open Jackie Benavides
Women’s Open Patsy Benchoff
3 Men – 3 Women Benjamin Benshoof
Women’s Open Christi Berger
Odds & Ends William Berger
Odds & Ends Rafael Berio
Women’s Open Maritza Bermudez
Odds & Ends Maria Bernal
Odds & Ends Cheryl Berny
Odds & Ends Michelle Beseda
Odds & Ends Marcos Betancourt
Odds & Ends Mauri Bhakta
Odds & Ends Amanda Bialaszewski
Women’s Open Nicole Biggerstaff
3 Men – 3 Women Robert Bird
3 Men – 3 Women Amy Bishop
Women’s Open Mitzi Bishop
Commercial Brook Bishop
Commercial Makeeda Blackshear
Odds & Ends Kathleen Blake
Odds & Ends Jerry Boehm
Odds & Ends julie boehm
Elementary Odds & Ends Kaitlin Boley
Elementary Female Svetlana Bondarenko
3 Men – 3 Women Bill Bonilla
Women’s Open Gloryvee Bonilla
Master’s Men William Bonneau
Odds & Ends Corey Bordlee
Odds & Ends Paige Bostwick
Odds & Ends Amanda Botello
Odds & Ends Lisa Botello
3 Men – 3 Women Daniel Bouchard
Odds & Ends Jessica Bowers
Women’s Open Angela Bowyer
Odds & Ends Molly Boyer
Odds & Ends Benjamin Bozeman
Odds & Ends Meagan Bratz
Odds & Ends Jonathon Bravenec
Odds & Ends Teresa Bray
3 Men – 3 Women Clarissa Briseno
Odds & Ends Visente Briseno
Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women Jennifer Brooks
Men’s Open David Brooks
Odds & Ends Yvonne Brooks
Odds & Ends Binh Brown
Men’s Open Jason Browning
Odds & Ends Leanda Bruner
Commercial Michael Budd
Men’s Open Moses Bueno
Odds & Ends Luciano Buenrostro
Odds & Ends Jane Buentello
Men’s Open Erik Burciaga
Odds & Ends Mary Burke
Women’s Open Autumn Burkett
Odds & Ends Adnil Buse
Odds & Ends David Bushman
Odds & Ends Lawrence Bustos
Commercial Jim Butcher
Odds & Ends Donald Butler
Odds & Ends Rob Buttrill
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Hector Cadena
Odds & Ends susie cadena
Commercial Janice Cagle
Odds & Ends William Calame
Odds & Ends Pamela Calder
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Jorge Calderon
3 Men – 3 Women francisco calica
Commercial Priscilla Canales
Men’s Open Sergio Canales
Odds & Ends Jaime Canales
3 Men – 3 Women Stacey Canales
Women’s Open Jill Canales
Commercial Katie Cano
3 Men – 3 Women Mia Cano
Odds & Ends Noreen Cantrell
Odds & Ends Vanessa Cantu
Men’s Open Jason Cantu
Odds & Ends Priscilla Cantu
Odds & Ends Jenny Cantu
Odds & Ends Noel Cantu
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Samuel Cantu
3 Men – 3 Women Martin Cantu Jr
3 Men – 3 Women Hung Cao
Odds & Ends Milla Carbajal
Odds & Ends Julian Cardenas
Odds & Ends Christoper Cardona
Commercial Cody Cargile
Odds & Ends Jennifer Carle
Men’s Open Benny Carmona
Odds & Ends Gus Carmona
3 Men – 3 Women Larry Carpenter
Odds & Ends Mark Carranza
Odds & Ends Sherry Carrillo
Women’s Open noxma Carrillo
Middle School Odds & Ends Luke Carrillo
Men’s Open Joe Carrillo
Odds & Ends Philip Carroll
Odds & Ends Mitch Carroll
Odds & Ends Anthony Caruso
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Brualio Carvajal
Elementary Odds & Ends Drake Casas
Odds & Ends Genevieve Cass
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Raymond Castaneda
Elementary Odds & Ends Joshua Castaneda
Commercial Alfredo Castaneda
Commercial Angel Castaneda Leon
Women’s Open Lynn CASTILLO
3 Men – 3 Women Melinda Castillo
Women’s Open Claudia Castro
Senior Masters Men Juan Castro
Elementary Female Abella Castro
3 Men – 3 Women Domingo Castro
3 Men – 3 Women Jose Cavazos
Middle School Female Cassandra Cavazos
Odds & Ends DeAndrea Ceballos
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Michael Cerda
Middle School Male DANIEL Cervantes
Odds & Ends Francisco Cervantes
Odds & Ends Anastacia A. Chadis
Odds & Ends Rebecca Chairez
Commercial Luis Chapa
Elementary Odds & Ends Nathan Chapa
Women’s Open Amber Chapman
Odds & Ends Elena Chapman
Odds & Ends LaShaun Chappell
Commercial Francisco Chavarria
Odds & Ends Randy Chisamore
Commercial Belinda Chism
Odds & Ends Laura Chopelas
Men’s Open Jose Cintron
Women’s Open Beverly Cisneros
Women’s Open Vilma Cisneros
Women’s Open Reina Cisneros
Odds & Ends Ricky Clark
Odds & Ends Heather Cleverley
Women’s Open Shelly Clifford
Women’s Open Sharon Clingman
Odds & Ends Erica Cochrum
Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women Kelly Coe
Commercial Scott Coles
Women’s Open Jennifer Collins
Women’s Open Pilar Colmenero
Commercial Charles Comstock
3 Men – 3 Women George Conde
Odds & Ends Travis Condren
Odds & Ends Catherine Connolly
Odds & Ends Camille Cook
Odds & Ends Steve Cook
Women’s Open Debra Cooper
Women’s Open Violet Copado
Women’s Open Traci Copeland
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire JOHN CORDES
Odds & Ends Manuel Coronado
Odds & Ends Ernesto Coronado
Commercial Rick Cortes
Odds & Ends Jeremy Cortez
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Hector Cortez
Junior Women Jolea Cortez
3 Men – 3 Women Tanya Covarrubias
Odds & Ends Isaiah Cox
Commercial Paul Crapo
Women’s Open Jennifer Creek
Odds & Ends John Crockett
Odds & Ends Phillip Cronkhite
Commercial Kathleen Crook
Commercial Mireya Cruz
Odds & Ends Jared Cruz
Odds & Ends Melissa Cruz
Elementary Male Anden Cuellar
Odds & Ends Robert Cuevas
Commercial Rudy Curiel
Odds & Ends Larry Curtis
Odds & Ends Copeland Cynthia
Odds & Ends Celestino Damian
Odds & Ends Natalie Daniel
Odds & Ends Steven Daniels
Men’s Open Trea Davila
Odds & Ends Bryan Davis
Odds & Ends Kym Day
Men’s Open Zac Daywood
Odds & Ends Luis De La Garza
Odds & Ends Alejandro de la Garza
Odds & Ends christine de los rios
3 Men – 3 Women Donny De Los Santos
Odds & Ends Gracie De los santos
Odds & Ends Liz De Luna
Women’s Open Laura De Spain
Women’s Open Claudet Dean
3 Men – 3 Women Eric Dees
Odds & Ends Brien Dehnert
Women’s Open Daniela DeLeon
3 Men – 3 Women Virginia DeLeon
Odds & Ends Monica Delgado
Odds & Ends Arturo Delgado
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Michael Delgado
Senior Masters Women Carol DeLine
Odds & Ends Mary DeMay
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Ron Dennis
Odds & Ends Trenton Despain
Odds & Ends Sonia Dhodapkar
Odds & Ends Katy Dias
3 Men – 3 Women Elizabeth Diaz
Elementary Odds & Ends Natalie Diaz
Odds & Ends Lauren Diec
Women’s Open Brandi Dienda
Odds & Ends Connie Dieringer
Odds & Ends Derek Dippel
Master’s Women Yvonne Dives-Gomez
Junior Men Hunter Dobbins
Men’s Open Matthew Dollins
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Jesse Dominguez
Odds & Ends Dominic Dominguez
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Juan Dominguez
Men’s Open Sergio Dominguez Jr
Odds & Ends Rogelio Dominguez jr
Odds & Ends John Doty
Elementary Odds & Ends Nathaniel Doucet
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Luke Dougherty
Women’s Open KIM DOWDY
Commercial Molly Dubow
Elementary Odds & Ends Jaye Dugan
Master’s Women Kim Dugas
Commercial Angela Dunn
Ultra Men Robert Duran
Commercial Rick Dyer
Commercial Kevin Eaton
3 Men – 3 Women Ramon Echevarria
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire John Echeverria
Senior Masters Women Audrey Eden
Commercial Lori Edwards
Men’s Open edward elizondo
Women’s Open Paola Elizondo
Odds & Ends Leila Elizondo
Odds & Ends Sara Elizondo
Men’s Open Sam Elizondo
Commercial Patti Elliott-Harmon
Women’s Open Emily Elward
Commercial Andy Endres
Odds & Ends ben engelhardt
Odds & Ends Juan Enriquez
Odds & Ends Mary Enriquez
Commercial Eric Enriquez
Elementary Female Olivia Escalante
Women’s Open Cheryl Escobar
Odds & Ends Christina Escobar
Odds & Ends Megan Escobar
3 Men – 3 Women Theresa Escobar
Odds & Ends Alicia Escobard
Odds & Ends Jessica Esparza
Commercial Ermalinda Esparza
Odds & Ends Leticia Espinosa
Women’s Open alejandra Espinosa-Allen
3 Men – 3 Women Joey Espinoza
Women’s Open Lila Estrada
Men’s Open Gavin Estrada
3 Men – 3 Women millie estrada
Women’s Open Christina Estringel
Odds & Ends Joshua Evans
3 Men – 3 Women Ronnie Evans
Commercial LORIE EWING
Men’s Open Matt Ezell
Odds & Ends John Farias
Women’s Open Anastasiya Farukshina
Odds & Ends Mari Feist
Odds & Ends Chance Fenner
Odds & Ends Karen Fergason
Odds & Ends Monica Fernandez
Odds & Ends Celeste Fernandez
Commercial George Fernandez
Odds & Ends Crystal Fewell
Odds & Ends Janie Figirova
Odds & Ends Brenda Figueroa
Odds & Ends David Figueroa
Odds & Ends Tres Figueroa
Odds & Ends Daniel Fischer
Master’s Men Steven Fish
Odds & Ends Shane Fisher
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire CANDICE FLESNER
Odds & Ends Geraldine Fleurie
Commercial jaime flores
Odds & Ends Destina Flores
3 Men – 3 Women Alex Flores
Odds & Ends Homer Flores
Women’s Open Dawn Flores
Elementary Odds & Ends Jaylin Flores
Commercial Gloria Flores
Odds & Ends Rita Flores
3 Men – 3 Women Steven Flores
Middle School Odds & Ends Belicia Flores
Odds & Ends Alexandra Flores
Odds & Ends Eddie Flores
Odds & Ends Lori Flores
Odds & Ends Fabian Flores
Odds & Ends ROB FLORES
Women’s Open Julie Fomenko
3 Men – 3 Women jesse fonseca
Odds & Ends Nita Ford-Hightower
3 Men – 3 Women Raina Foster
Elementary Odds & Ends Alredo Franco
Men’s Open David Franco
Elementary Odds & Ends Alfredo Franco
Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women John Fredland
Odds & Ends Troy Fry
Women’s Open Selene Fuentes
Commercial Prisilla Fullen
Women’s Open Sheri Gagliano
Odds & Ends Michelle Gallagher
Odds & Ends Priscilla Gallardo
Women’s Open Ana Gallegos
Odds & Ends Raquel Gallegos
Senior Masters Men Carl Galloway
Odds & Ends Gabby Galvan
3 Men – 3 Women Beth Gamel
Odds & Ends Luke Garcia
Odds & Ends Rachael Garcia
Odds & Ends J.R. Garcia
Women’s Open Monica Garcia
3 Men – 3 Women Steve Garcia
Men’s Open Leo Garcia
Commercial Adrian Garcia
Odds & Ends Lizette Garcia
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Walter Garcia
3 Men – 3 Women Alex Garcia
Odds & Ends Luke Garcia
Odds & Ends Ida Garcia
Elementary Odds & Ends J.D. Garcia
Odds & Ends Carlos Garcia
Commercial Jennifer Garcia
Odds & Ends Mercede Garcia
Odds & Ends Roel Garcia
Middle School Male Jose Garcia
Odds & Ends Vicky garcia
Master’s Women AMY GARCIA
Odds & Ends Veronica Garcia
Odds & Ends Eddie Garcia
Elementary Odds & Ends Peter Garcia
Odds & Ends Chris Garcia
Odds & Ends Bianca Garcia
Women’s Open Christina Garcia
Men’s Open Michael Garcia
Odds & Ends Ramon Garcia
Women’s Open Priscilla Ann Garcia
Ultra Masters Men Rolando A Garcia
Women’s Open Roxanne Garcia
Women’s Open Amanda Rose Garcia
Odds & Ends Jesse Garcia
3 Men – 3 Women Mari Garcia
Odds & Ends Rachel Garcia
Odds & Ends Sonya Garcia
3 Men – 3 Women David Garcia
Odds & Ends Rachael Garcia
Master’s Men Marco Garcia
Odds & Ends Alex Garcia Jr
3 Men – 3 Women Pilar Garcia Jr
Men’s Open Hector Garibay
Odds & Ends Maribel Garza
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Calistro Garza
Master’s Women Michelle Garza
Odds & Ends Mariela GArza
Odds & Ends Ray Garza
3 Men – 3 Women Eduardo Garza
3 Men – 3 Women Juan Garza
Odds & Ends Mary Garza
3 Men – 3 Women Zae Garza
Odds & Ends Veronica Garza
Odds & Ends Bobby Garza
Master’s Women Angeline Garza
3 Men – 3 Women Rondo Garza
3 Men – 3 Women Roland Garza
3 Men – 3 Women Sandra Garza
Odds & Ends Rachel Garza
Commercial Julio Garza
Odds & Ends Chriselle Garza
Odds & Ends Adrienne Gasiorowski
Middle School Male Tyler Gatewood
Odds & Ends Jordan Gaza
Women’s Open Kristi Gentry
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Jerry Gerardo
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Eric Gerken
Odds & Ends Travis Gibb
Women’s Open Ashley Gibson
Odds & Ends Tommie Gilkerson
3 Men – 3 Women Cosima Gillespie
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Leif Gisselberg
Odds & Ends Rainer Gleinig
Men’s Open Michael Glendenning
Odds & Ends Joanna Glick
3 Men – 3 Women Carla Gloria
Odds & Ends Rene Glover
Elementary Odds & Ends Josiah Godines
Commercial Avery Goldsmith
Commercial Al Gomaz
Women’s Open Marla Gomez
Odds & Ends Stephanie Gomez
Men’s Open Rick Gomez
Women’s Open Dariela Gomez
Women’s Open Miriam Gomzalez
Women’s Open Tetyana Goncharova
Commercial June Gonzales
Odds & Ends Ray Gonzales
Men’s Open Ramsey Gonzales
3 Men – 3 Women Karisa Gonzales
Odds & Ends Karla Gonzales
Women’s Open Sally Gonzales
Odds & Ends Melinda Gonzales
Elementary Male Matthew Gonzales
Odds & Ends Mary Lou Gonzales
Women’s Open Sylvia Gonzalez
Odds & Ends Gloria Gonzalez
Men’s Open Robert Gonzalez
Odds & Ends Asella Gonzalez
Odds & Ends Gabriel Gonzalez
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Laura Gonzalez
Odds & Ends Yesi Gonzalez
Odds & Ends Marina Gonzalez
3 Men – 3 Women Marissa Gonzalez
Odds & Ends Ashley Gonzalez
Odds & Ends Christina Gonzalez
Odds & Ends Cris Gonzalez
Elementary Female Alyanna Gonzalez
3 Men – 3 Women Lisa Gonzalez
Men’s Open Kevin Gonzalez
Odds & Ends Jeanette Gonzalez
Odds & Ends Olivia Gonzalez
Odds & Ends Maricela Gonzalez
3 Men – 3 Women Gustavo Gonzalez
Master’s Men Armando Gonzalez
Women’s Open Bianca Gonzalez
Commercial Dante Gonzalez
Men’s Open Jaime Gonzalez
Odds & Ends Alexis Gooch
Women’s Open Penny Goodwinn
Odds & Ends Charles B. Gover
Odds & Ends Crystal Gowan
Odds & Ends Leslie Graham
Odds & Ends Alex Granados
Women’s Open Heather Gray
Women’s Open Veronika Grebennikova
Elementary Odds & Ends Kirf Grebennikova
Odds & Ends Monique Green
Master’s Women Andi Green
Odds & Ends Rodney Greenwood
Odds & Ends Phil Griffith
3 Men – 3 Women Berlinda Grimes
Odds & Ends Christian Gross
Women’s Open Gina Guajardo
Odds & Ends encarnacion guajardo
Elementary Odds & Ends Chad Gubutosi
Odds & Ends Yolanda M Guerra
Odds & Ends Violeta Guerra
Odds & Ends Amanda Guerra
3 Men – 3 Women Adam Guerrero
Odds & Ends Lisa Guerrero
Odds & Ends Craig Guillen
Women’s Open Lori Guillen
Women’s Open Jacque Gurley
Men’s Open Chris Gussman
3 Men – 3 Women Jessel Gutierrez
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Nicho Gutierrez
Men’s Open Rolando Gutierrez
Women’s Open Linda Gutierrez
Odds & Ends Joshua Gutierrez
Odds & Ends Daniel Gutierrez
3 Men – 3 Women Daniel Gutierrez
3 Men – 3 Women Bertha Gutierrez
Odds & Ends Jessica Gutierrez
Odds & Ends Brenda Gutierrez
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Rudy Guzman
Odds & Ends Manny Guzman
3 Men – 3 Women Robert Guzman
Women’s Open Margaret Halbert
Odds & Ends Terri Hall
Men’s Open John Hance
Men’s Open Brian Hand
Senior Masters Women Lorraine Haney
Women’s Open Michelle Hanson
Junior Men Caden Hanson
Senior Masters Women dee hargis
Odds & Ends carol harle
Odds & Ends Laura Harmon
Odds & Ends Jennifer Harris
Women’s Open Laura Hausman
Middle School Odds & Ends Yvette Hazzard
Odds & Ends Debbie Head
Odds & Ends Evelyn Head
3 Men – 3 Women Sarah Heady
Odds & Ends Patty Heath
Odds & Ends Melton Heath
Women’s Open Cheryl Heath
Women’s Open Rosalind Heemer
Women’s Open Jessica Heibel
Women’s Open Jackie Hein
Odds & Ends Brittney Henderson
Master’s Women Tracie Henneke
Odds & Ends Mallory Henry
Odds & Ends Jody Henson
Odds & Ends Dodie Heredia
Odds & Ends Marco Hernandez
3 Men – 3 Women JoAnne Hernandez
Odds & Ends Leonor Hernandez
Odds & Ends Maria Hernandez
Men’s Open Aaron Hernandez
Odds & Ends Sergio Hernandez
Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women Samuel Hernandez
Odds & Ends Richard hernandez
Elementary Odds & Ends Jazmin hernandez
Odds & Ends Richard Hernandez
Men’s Open Hector Hernandez
Odds & Ends Anna Hernandez
Odds & Ends Damon Hernandez
Commercial Art Hernandez
Odds & Ends Kirby Hernandez
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Brian Hernandez
Men’s Open Ajax Hernandez
Junior 3 Men – 3 Women Beyonce Hernandez
Odds & Ends Eduardo Hernandez
Commercial Rebekah Hernandez
Elementary Odds & Ends Juan Carlos Hernandez
Master’s Men Johnny Hernandez
Odds & Ends Ignacio Hernandez
3 Men – 3 Women Raul Hernandez Jr
3 Men – 3 Women Silvestra Herrada
Odds & Ends Mateo Herrero
3 Men – 3 Women Abel Herrero
Women’s Open Leah Herring
3 Men – 3 Women Meressa Herrman
Senior Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women Marina Herrman
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Michael Hess
Women’s Open Brooke Hickey
Odds & Ends Greg Hicks
Master’s Men Stephen Hight
Odds & Ends Matthew Hilbig
Odds & Ends Lillyana Hinojosa
Odds & Ends Becky Hinojosa
Odds & Ends Jill Hinrichs
Odds & Ends william Hodde
Elementary Odds & Ends Daria Hodis
Women’s Open Tara Hoelscher
Men’s Open Jason Hoelscher
Odds & Ends Les Hoffman
3 Men – 3 Women Carolyn Hoffmann
Commercial Stephanie Hogan
Women’s Open Sandi Hoot
3 Men – 3 Women Cameron Hopewell
Odds & Ends Christine Hoskinson
Odds & Ends Greg Howard
Odds & Ends Brittany Huffman
Odds & Ends Aaron Hughes
Odds & Ends tedra hunt
3 Men – 3 Women Todd Hunter
Master’s Men Grant Hunter
Junior Women Nicole Hutchins
Odds & Ends Vivian Ibarra
Commercial Ramiro Ibarra
Senior Masters Women Minny Iniguez
Senior Masters Men Jose Iniguez
Elementary Odds & Ends Robert Inocencio
3 Men – 3 Women Ramon Isassi
Elementary Male Dobie Isiofia
Women’s Open Joanna Ives
Women’s Open Elva Izaguirre
3 Men – 3 Women Keri Jackson
Odds & Ends David Jackson
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Rich Jaimes
Odds & Ends Lexi Jaimes
Odds & Ends Megan Jaramillo
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Felipe Jasso
Odds & Ends Lety Jeffords
3 Men – 3 Women Kyle Jewasko
Middle School Male Aiden Jimenez
Commercial Joel Jimenez
Elementary Odds & Ends Tristan Jimenez
Odds & Ends Lane Johnson
Odds & Ends Tommy Johnson
3 Men – 3 Women Jacalyn Johnson-Alviza
3 Men – 3 Women Alyssa Johnston
Women’s Open Jessica Joiner
Women’s Open Imelda Jones
Ultra Masters Men Dave Jones
3 Men – 3 Women Myron Jones
Odds & Ends Robin Jones
Odds & Ends Leo Juarez
Odds & Ends Leslie Kane
Odds & Ends Ralph Keck
Women’s Open Stephanie Kemp
Odds & Ends Justin Kerr
Odds & Ends Jana Kieschnick
Master’s Women Shelby Killion
3 Men – 3 Women Arnold Kimball
Commercial Christina King
Commercial Jerry Kizerian
Women’s Open Ann Marie Knight
Women’s Open Cori Knupp
3 Men – 3 Women Sheri Koehn
Odds & Ends katherine kornegay
Odds & Ends Paula Korzeniewski
Odds & Ends Vicky Kraemer
Women’s Open Sierra Krauskopf
Junior Men Jacob Krupa
Odds & Ends J. Scott Kruse
Commercial Connie Kruslyak
Odds & Ends La Shae Kukendall
3 Men – 3 Women Patricia Labay
Commercial Kelsey LaCourt
Odds & Ends Bernadine Lake
Men’s Open Christian Lambert
Odds & Ends Bambi Lang
Commercial Lucas Lang
Women’s Open Kendra Lange
Odds & Ends Christian LaPann-Johannessen
Odds & Ends Lt. Raymond Lara
Odds & Ends Michele Lara
Odds & Ends Daniel Lara
Odds & Ends DONNA LARA
3 Men – 3 Women Rachel Larsen
Women’s Open Sarah Latham
Odds & Ends Dominique LaVigne
Odds & Ends Destiny Lay
Senior Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women Benny Le Bon
Commercial megan lebrecht
Women’s Open Ellen LeClaire
Odds & Ends Felix Ledesma
Odds & Ends Gilbert Lee
Odds & Ends Andrew Leeton
Odds & Ends Jesus Leija
3 Men – 3 Women Stephen Lenz
Commercial Allison Levy
Odds & Ends Peggy Lewis
3 Men – 3 Women Ramona Lewis
Odds & Ends Allen Libbe
Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women Mike Lilly
Odds & Ends Ester Linares
Commercial Kim Lindsey
Men’s Open John Lira
Commercial Jessica Liscano
Odds & Ends Ruben Livas
Elementary Male Roland Livas
Elementary Odds & Ends Davianna Livas
3 Men – 3 Women Monica Loera
Odds & Ends Holly Lompre
Women’s Open Lupita Longoria
Odds & Ends Destany Longoria
Commercial Christy Longoria
Women’s Open Priscilla Lopez
Men’s Open Ricardo Lopez
Odds & Ends Kay Lopez
Master’s Men Tom Lopez
Odds & Ends Cathy Lopez
Middle School Female Alexis Lopez
Odds & Ends Isabel Lopez
Odds & Ends Omar Lopez
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Amber Lopez
3 Men – 3 Women Jose Lopez
Middle School Odds & Ends Malissa Lopez
Commercial Erasmo Lopez
Odds & Ends Carlos Lopez
Odds & Ends Pete Lopez
Odds & Ends Noel Lopez
Junior 3 Men – 3 Women Andrew Lopez-Medley
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Sean Lott
Master’s Women Regina Love
Odds & Ends Mike Love
Women’s Open Christina Lozano
Odds & Ends Sarah Luehring
Women’s Open Monica Lugo
Odds & Ends Gabriel Lugo
Women’s Open Mariah Lugo Cross
Men’s Open Chris Luna
Master’s Men Joel Luna
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Yvonne Luna
Odds & Ends Stacy Luna
Odds & Ends yvonne Luna
Women’s Open Celinda Luna
Odds & Ends Jerry Lunceford
3 Men – 3 Women Ernie MacDonald
Women’s Open josephine macias
Women’s Open Jackie Macias
Elementary Odds & Ends Romuadlo Macias
Odds & Ends Javier Macias
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Gabriel Maciaz
Odds & Ends yvonne Magallan
Odds & Ends Jon Magee
Odds & Ends Sharon Magnuson
Elementary Odds & Ends Michael Maingot
3 Men – 3 Women stacey maldonado
Commercial Belinda Maldondo
Odds & Ends Chris Malherek
Men’s Open Cody Manuel
Odds & Ends Amber Marbach
Odds & Ends Marcel Marcelo
3 Men – 3 Women Adam Mareth
Women’s Open Gina Marez
Men’s Open Steve Marion
Women’s Open Stefani Marion
Commercial Mari Marlow
Men’s Open Bobby Marques
Odds & Ends Jeannie Marquez
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Rey Marroquin
Odds & Ends Amanda Marroquin
Odds & Ends Judi Marshall
Odds & Ends Ralph Martin
Commercial Jodi Martin
Odds & Ends Joe Martin
Odds & Ends Sara Martinez
Master’s Women Rosario Martinez
3 Men – 3 Women Dustin Martinez
Odds & Ends Susana Martinez
Women’s Open Lorraine Martinez
Men’s Open Rupert Martinez
Odds & Ends Denice Martinez
Odds & Ends Antonio Martinez
Middle School Male Jayden Martinez
Women’s Open Alexandria Martinez
Elementary Odds & Ends Michael Martinez
Odds & Ends Jennifer Martinez
3 Men – 3 Women janie Martinez
Odds & Ends Raquel Martinez
Odds & Ends Ben Martinez
Men’s Open Bruce Martinez
Odds & Ends Veronica Martinez
Odds & Ends Leticia Martinez
Commercial Merssy Martinez
3 Men – 3 Women Oscar Martinez Jr
Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women Laura Mason
Odds & Ends Allison Masse
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Christopher Masters
3 Men – 3 Women Rudy Mata
Odds & Ends Angie Matamoros
Commercial Taylor Mayfield
Odds & Ends Jason Mayorga
Men’s Open Quentin Mc Clure
Master’s Women julie mCaLLISTER
Odds & Ends Greg McAndrews
Odds & Ends Farrah McCahan
Elementary Odds & Ends Traci McClellan
Odds & Ends Bobby McClurg
Odds & Ends Alisha McConnell
Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women Tina McDaniel
Women’s Open Terrie McDaniel
Women’s Open Lili McEntire
Odds & Ends Paul McGee
Odds & Ends William McGinnis
Odds & Ends Monica McKenzie
Odds & Ends Cody McKinney
3 Men – 3 Women Leon McLin
3 Men – 3 Women Timothy McMinn
Odds & Ends Carmen McNally
Commercial Jackie McNeill
Women’s Open Carrie McRee
Odds & Ends Omar Medina
Junior Men Kody Medina
Junior Men Joshua Medrano
Odds & Ends Buck Mejorado
Women’s Open Rachel Meldrum
Women’s Open Celina Meline
Odds & Ends Ana Melo
Odds & Ends Leah Melonas
Odds & Ends Norma Mendez
Odds & Ends Eva Mendoza
Odds & Ends Romario Mendoza
Commercial Luis Mendoza
Odds & Ends Renato Menendez
Senior Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women Belinda Mercado
Odds & Ends Melinda Merrill
Odds & Ends JOHN Merrill
Women’s Open Gina Meza
Women’s Open Marcia Mickelson
Commercial Casey Milesko
Women’s Open Karisa Miller
3 Men – 3 Women Edward Miller
Senior Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women Adele Miller
Odds & Ends Clayton Miller
Men’s Open Dave Miller
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Ross Mireles-Salinas
Odds & Ends Kenneth Mitchell
Odds & Ends randy mitten
3 Men – 3 Women Mark Molina
Men’s Open Fernando Molina
Women’s Open Veronica Molina
Women’s Open Julia Molina
Odds & Ends Melany Molina
Odds & Ends Javier Molinar
Odds & Ends James Monahan
Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women Ryan Monahan
Odds & Ends Gina Monceballez
Women’s Open Celia Monreal
3 Men – 3 Women Natalie Monsivais
3 Men – 3 Women James Montano
Women’s Open Olga Montee
Commercial Tiffany Montemayor
Women’s Open lauren moodie
Odds & Ends Michelle Moore
Odds & Ends Ashley Moore
Women’s Open Kim Moore
Commercial Lauren Moore
Odds & Ends Roxanne Moors
Odds & Ends Stephen Mora
Odds & Ends Frank Morales
Women’s Open Denise Morales
Commercial Jacob Morales
Odds & Ends Rick Morales
Elementary Odds & Ends Ryan Morales
Commercial Leticia Morales
Men’s Open Joe Morales
3 Men – 3 Women Ralph Morales
Odds & Ends Barbara Morales
3 Men – 3 Women Anabel Morales
Odds & Ends Judith Moreno
Odds & Ends Loretta Moreno
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Lorenzo Moreno
Odds & Ends Olivia Moreno
Middle School Female Natalie Moreno
Women’s Open Brianne Moreno
Odds & Ends Gabriel Moreno
Women’s Open Fawn Morgan
Odds & Ends jennifer morgan
3 Men – 3 Women Claudia Morquecho
Commercial Quinn Mosel
Commercial Melaine Mosel
Women’s Open Janet Moseley
3 Men – 3 Women Moises Mota
Odds & Ends Becky Mota
Odds & Ends Joe Mota
3 Men – 3 Women Benny Mota
3 Men – 3 Women enrique moya
Women’s Open Anabel Moya
Elementary Male Larry Moya
3 Men – 3 Women Andrew Moya
Odds & Ends Mandi Muckleroy
Odds & Ends Mark Muniz
Commercial Priscilla Muniz
Women’s Open JoAnna Muniz-Villaon
Odds & Ends Kaitlyn Munoz
Odds & Ends Sandra Munoz
Men’s Open Michael Munoz
Odds & Ends joseph munoz
Odds & Ends Cassandra Munoz
3 Men – 3 Women Isabel Munoz
Women’s Open Melissa Munsell
Odds & Ends Rebekah Murtagh
Odds & Ends Locker Musell
Odds & Ends Luis Nacianceno
Odds & Ends shelly naro
Odds & Ends Roxanne Narvaez-Garza
Men’s Open Naftali Nava
Men’s Open Eddie Navarrete
Odds & Ends Joe Navarro
Odds & Ends Raquel Navarro
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire DANIEL NAVARRO
3 Men – 3 Women Javier Navarro
3 Men – 3 Women Ruben Navarro
Odds & Ends Horatio Neely
Odds & Ends Jonathan Nelson
Men’s Open Christopher Nelson
3 Men – 3 Women Jesse Nesmith
3 Men – 3 Women Tien Nguyen
Odds & Ends Sylvia NICASIO
Odds & Ends Will Nichols
Women’s Open Carolina Nisimblat
Women’s Open Carla Nolen
Odds & Ends Douglas Norman
Odds & Ends Roseanne Norman
Odds & Ends ashley nunez
Odds & Ends Amy O’Brien
Women’s Open Jennifer O’Brien
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Mario Ocana
Odds & Ends Roderick Olaes
Elementary Odds & Ends Jourdan Olaes
Elementary Male Isacc Olazaran
Men’s Open Bryan Oliva
Elementary Female Jacy Olivarez
Men’s Open Abel Olivarez
3 Men – 3 Women Yvonne Oliveira
Odds & Ends Javier Olmos
Odds & Ends Shelly Olsovsky
Women’s Open Lupita Olvera
Junior Men Jesus Olvera
Men’s Open Joey Olvera
3 Men – 3 Women Sophia Ommani
3 Men – 3 Women Valerie Ontiveros
Odds & Ends Misael Ontiveros
Odds & Ends Katherine Orines
Odds & Ends Edwina Orosco Hicks
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Domingo Ortega
Women’s Open Monica Ortenzio
Odds & Ends Richard Ortiz
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Sandra Ortiz
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Richard Ortiz
Men’s Open Nikolay Ortiz
Women’s Open Valeria Ortiz
Odds & Ends Pablo ortiz
Commercial Felix Ortiz
Men’s Open Eddie Ortiz
Odds & Ends Jesse Ortiz
Elementary Odds & Ends Michael Ortiz
Women’s Open Heidemarie Osborn
3 Men – 3 Women Melissa Oshman
Master’s Women Laura O’Toole
Odds & Ends John otto
3 Men – 3 Women Chris Owen
Commercial Kari Owiredu
Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women jimie owsley
Odds & Ends Raynette Oyama
Women’s Open Maribel Pack
Odds & Ends Randy Palmer
3 Men – 3 Women Brett Pancamo
Odds & Ends Melissa Parks
Commercial Jason Patrick
Women’s Open AMY PAYNE
Odds & Ends Travis Payton
Women’s Open Natasha Peake
Odds & Ends Billy Pearson
Middle School Odds & Ends Persha Peck
Odds & Ends Vicenta Pegram
3 Men – 3 Women Marion Pena
Odds & Ends Veronica Pena
Men’s Open Roland Pena
Odds & Ends Jennifer Pena
Odds & Ends Mindy Pena
Odds & Ends Ashley Pena
Women’s Open Deborah Pena
Junior 3 Men – 3 Women Noah Penedo
Odds & Ends Orlando Perales
Women’s Open Veronica Perales
Odds & Ends Jennifer Perez
Odds & Ends George Perez
Women’s Open Rachel Perez
Odds & Ends Fernando Perez
Odds & Ends elizabeth perez
Women’s Open Coco Perez
Men’s Open David Perez
Odds & Ends Valerie Perez
Odds & Ends Diana Perez
Women’s Open Sandra Perez
Middle School Male Miguel Perez
Women’s Open Megan Perez
Junior Men Tristan Perez
Women’s Open Perla Perez
Commercial Steve Perez
Elementary Odds & Ends bella perez
Elementary Male Niko Perez
Odds & Ends David Perez
Women’s Open April Perez-Garza
Odds & Ends Tara Perry
Odds & Ends Linda Peterson
Odds & Ends Douglas Peterson
Odds & Ends Laura Petro
Odds & Ends Marc Phillips
Commercial Kaycee Pickens
Odds & Ends Tracy Pickering
Odds & Ends Alyssa Pimentel
Commercial Gabriel Pinon
Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women Sherry Pipkin
3 Men – 3 Women Nicolas Pizana
Odds & Ends Janelle Pohlers
Women’s Open Bridget Polasek
Odds & Ends Eliza Polasek
Odds & Ends Gina Ponce
Odds & Ends Kim Poorman
Odds & Ends Tammy Paul Pope
3 Men – 3 Women Ingrid Postert
Women’s Open Marissa Powell
Odds & Ends Paula Powell
Master’s Women Brigette Powers
Odds & Ends Veronica Pritchett
Odds & Ends Deborah Pruitt
Odds & Ends Coach Lee Puckett
Odds & Ends Marina Puentes
Odds & Ends Annette Puga
Women’s Open Tisha Puga
Odds & Ends Shelly Purselley
Men’s Open Thomas Putnam
Women’s Open Michelle Quade
Odds & Ends Christina Quinones
Master’s Men Jacob JQuizzle Quintana
3 Men – 3 Women Veronica Quintanilla
Odds & Ends Tracy Quiroz
Commercial Summer Quirsfeld
Women’s Open Annie Quysner
Senior Masters Men william rainey
Odds & Ends Arnulfo Ramirez
Odds & Ends Yvonne Ramirez
Odds & Ends Araceli Ramirez
3 Men – 3 Women Maximiliano Ramirez
Elementary Male Reese Ramirez
3 Men – 3 Women Jonathan Ramirez
3 Men – 3 Women Jonathan Ramirez
Odds & Ends Rene Ramos
Odds & Ends Ashley Ramos
Elementary Male Ayden Ramos
Odds & Ends Sebastian Ramos
3 Men – 3 Women Jonathan Ramriez
Odds & Ends Randy Rangel
Odds & Ends Robert Rangel
3 Men – 3 Women Johnathan Rangel
Elementary Odds & Ends Ava Rash
Odds & Ends Kalynn Raska
Odds & Ends Allen Rasmussen
Odds & Ends Eve Ray
Odds & Ends Sharon Ray
Master’s Women Mel Rea
Ultra Men Jesse Real
Odds & Ends Courtney Redding
Commercial Jon Reeder
Elementary Female Emma Regalado
Odds & Ends Joshua Rendon
Odds & Ends Leo Rendon
Odds & Ends Esteban Reyes
Odds & Ends Imelda Reyes
Commercial Adrian Reyes
Odds & Ends Lori Reyes
Odds & Ends Victoria Reyes
Commercial Michelle Reyna
Junior Men John Reyna
3 Men – 3 Women Jessica Reynolds
Odds & Ends Glenda Rhodes
Odds & Ends Chelsey Rhodes
Women’s Open Dara Richardson
Odds & Ends Bobby Rieder
Commercial Shannon Riff
Odds & Ends Lisa Rikke – Hoskins
Odds & Ends Kayla Riley
Odds & Ends Roy M. Riojas
Odds & Ends Carlos Riojas
Odds & Ends Karin Rios
Odds & Ends Eddie Rios
Elementary Female Mercedez Rios
Junior Men Jon Rios
Odds & Ends Edina Rios
Women’s Open Reina Rios
3 Men – 3 Women Catherine Ritualo
3 Men – 3 Women David Ritualo
3 Men – 3 Women Rachel Rivas
Odds & Ends Heriberto Rivera
Commercial Jackie Rivera
Women’s Open Iris Rivera
Odds & Ends Elsa Rivera
Commercial April Rizo
Odds & Ends Jessica Roach
Odds & Ends Kate Roberson
Odds & Ends Elva Roddy
Master’s Men Ian Rodgers
Odds & Ends Corina Rodriguez
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Joe Rodriguez
Odds & Ends Elvia Rodriguez
Master’s Men Roland Rodriguez
Women’s Open Margie Rodriguez
Odds & Ends Stephen Rodriguez
Odds & Ends Rick Rodriguez
Odds & Ends Sharra Rodriguez
Women’s Open Rosie Rodriguez
Men’s Open Paul Rodriguez
Odds & Ends Gabriel Rodriguez
Odds & Ends Celena Rodriguez
Women’s Open Lorena Rodriguez
Odds & Ends Sonya Rodriguez
Elementary Odds & Ends Matthew Rodriguez
Odds & Ends Margarita Rodriguez
Commercial Merissa Rodriguez
Odds & Ends James Rodriguez
Commercial Stephanie Rodriguez
Men’s Open Daniel Rodriguez
Women’s Open Veronica Rodriguez
Women’s Open Brenda Rodriguez
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Joseph Rodriguez
Commercial David Rodriguez
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Rogelio Rodriguez
3 Men – 3 Women Vannessa Rodriguez
Odds & Ends Hester Rodriguez
Odds & Ends Juan Rodriguez
Women’s Open Leeza Rodriguez
Odds & Ends Elizabeth Rodriguez
Odds & Ends Lorenzo Rojas
Commercial Bart Roldan
Odds & Ends Ruben Romero
Elementary Male Miguel Romero
Odds & Ends Matt Roohan
Odds & Ends Lori Rosales
3 Men – 3 Women Mercedes Rosas
Senior Masters Men jim row
Odds & Ends Lillian Rowland
Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women Trish Rubio
Odds & Ends Daniel Ruiz
3 Men – 3 Women NORA RUIZ
Odds & Ends Sara Ryan
Odds & Ends Chris Ryan
Odds & Ends Connor Rye
3 Men – 3 Women Sigifredo Sánchez
Odds & Ends Becky Sada
Odds & Ends Verne Sadler
Master’s Women Kym Sadler
Odds & Ends Mario Salas
Elementary Female Trinity Salazar
Odds & Ends Nina Salazar
Odds & Ends Erin Salazar
Odds & Ends Rebecca Salazar
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire rudy Salgado
Odds & Ends Jeanne Salgado
Odds & Ends Daniel Salinas
Odds & Ends Jacob salinas
Odds & Ends Joe Salinas
Odds & Ends Gilbert Salinas
Women’s Open Cynthia Salinas
Odds & Ends Robert Salinas
Commercial Nith Sananikone
Odds & Ends robert sanchez
Odds & Ends Araceli Sanchez
Men’s Open cesar sanchez
Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women elizabeth sanchez
Odds & Ends Dalia Sanchez
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Mark Sanchez
Commercial Tomas Sanchez
3 Men – 3 Women Melina Sanchez
3 Men – 3 Women Eleazar Sanchez III
Odds & Ends Eleazar Sanchez Jr
Odds & Ends Carla Sanders
Odds & Ends Diane Sanders
Men’s Open Jeremy Sandoval
Odds & Ends Jenique Sandoval
Odds & Ends Mark Sandoval
Men’s Open Chris Sandoval
Odds & Ends Teresa Santanella
3 Men – 3 Women Marc Santos
Odds & Ends Rocky Sarate
Men’s Open Paul Schaefer
Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women Megan Schaffer
Odds & Ends Michelle Schmehl
Odds & Ends Chuck Scholz
Men’s Open Dustin Schroeder
3 Men – 3 Women Kenny Schroeder
Odds & Ends Thomas Schumacher
Women’s Open Margaret Schupbach
Odds & Ends Lonnie Schwirtlich
Master’s Women Jennie Scott
Odds & Ends Richard Searcy
Commercial Blanca Searuggs
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Timothy Sehorn
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Simon Sekitoleko
Odds & Ends Kim Sellars
Women’s Open Jennifer Senelick
Odds & Ends Art Serenko
Elementary Male Samantha Serrao
Odds & Ends Doug Shanda
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Joshua Sharman
Odds & Ends Brandon Shatraw
Women’s Open Jennifer Shealy
Odds & Ends Tammie Shelton
Master’s Women Laura Shelton
Odds & Ends Todd Shifflett
Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women Lisa Short
Odds & Ends Rita Shular
Women’s Open Barbara Sico
Women’s Open Christine Sierra
Junior Men Victor Silva
3 Men – 3 Women Roger Silva
Odds & Ends Sarah Silvas
Junior Women Samantha Simank
Women’s Open Amber Simmons
Odds & Ends Michael Skrobarczyk
Women’s Open Jennifer Sleight
Odds & Ends Sharon Slonaker
Senior Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women Lynn Smiley
Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women Michael Smiley
Odds & Ends Victoria Smith
Women’s Open Lauren Smith
Odds & Ends Andrew Smith
Odds & Ends Christian Smith
Odds & Ends LeAnn Snody
3 Men – 3 Women Paul Snyder
Junior Men Nicholas Solano
Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women Daniel Solano
Odds & Ends Justin Solis
Women’s Open Vickee Soliz
Men’s Open Christopher Soliz
Odds & Ends Desiree Soliz
Odds & Ends KIM SOLIZ
3 Men – 3 Women Jose Sosa
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Edward Sosa
Women’s Open Debra Sosa
3 Men – 3 Women Lisa Sotelo
Odds & Ends Brynda Soto
Master’s Men Jerry Southerland
Odds & Ends Jon Jon Soy
Odds & Ends Erin Spangler
3 Men – 3 Women Kathy Sparkes
Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women Jerry Sparks
Elementary Odds & Ends Carter Spivey
Elementary Odds & Ends Bess Spoor
Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women Nicole Spoor
Middle School Male Jack Spoor
Odds & Ends Charles Staley
3 Men – 3 Women tory stegemann
Women’s Open edith stephenson
Odds & Ends Eric Stewart
Odds & Ends Kay Stiles
3 Men – 3 Women DeAnne Stites
Men’s Open David Stone
Odds & Ends Bart Strauss
Odds & Ends Loren Stuive
Elementary Odds & Ends Emilee Sturgeon
Men’s Open Esteban Suarez
Women’s Open Crissie Suarez
Women’s Open Crystal Suarez
3 Men – 3 Women David Suniga
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Cliff Sutton
3 Men – 3 Women Jacklynn Sykora
Elementary Odds & Ends BOEDE TALAMANTEZ
3 Men – 3 Women Stacie Talamantez
Odds & Ends Stacie Talbert-Anaya
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Cesar Tamayo
Odds & Ends Jose Tavares
Odds & Ends Julia Taylor
Odds & Ends Matthew Teeter
Odds & Ends Andriana Tellez
Odds & Ends Sarah Tello
Men’s Open Juan Tenorio
Odds & Ends Michelle Teveni-Hernandez
3 Men – 3 Women Diane Thelen
Odds & Ends Michael Thomas
Odds & Ends Gabriel Thompson
Odds & Ends Terri Thompson
Elementary Odds & Ends Gabriella Thompson
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Tiffany Tienda
Odds & Ends Melissa Tilley
3 Men – 3 Women Tomas Torres
Odds & Ends Maria Torres
Women’s Open Dona Torres
Men’s Open Salvador Torres
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Bernardo Torres
Odds & Ends Jon Torres
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire David Torres Jr
Odds & Ends Justine Tovar
Odds & Ends Sergio Trevino
3 Men – 3 Women Jeanette trevino
Elementary Odds & Ends Joseph Ryan Trevino
Odds & Ends Laurie Trevino
Junior Women Emily Trevino
Odds & Ends JR Trevino
Odds & Ends Reynaldo Trevino
Odds & Ends Stacy Trevino
Commercial angela trevino
Women’s Open Rhonda Trevino
Master’s Men David Trevino
Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women Steve Trigger
Senior Masters Men Paul Trotter
Women’s Open Suzanne Trotter
Odds & Ends Toni Trouart
Elementary Male David Trudeau
Odds & Ends Norma Trujillo
Commercial Kristen Tyk
Commercial Susan Tyler
Odds & Ends Dustin Tyler
Commercial Aaron Uresti
Women’s Open Mari Urrutia
Senior Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women Herman Vacca
Women’s Open Anne Vacek
3 Men – 3 Women Vanessa Valdez
Odds & Ends Jesse Valdez
Women’s Open Marty Valdez
Odds & Ends Roberto L Valdez
Junior 3 Men – 3 Women Jacob Valdez
Men’s Open Thomas Valenzuela
3 Men – 3 Women Jesus Vallejo
Odds & Ends Isabel Valtierra
Commercial Xavier Valverde
Odds & Ends Mary Ann Valverde-Gomez
Senior Masters Men David Varga
Commercial Cindi Vargas
Women’s Open Susie Vargas
Women’s Open Bridget Vasquez
Elementary Female Maylyn Vasquez
Odds & Ends Belinda Vasquez
Women’s Open Jacqueline Vaughn
Junior 3 Men – 3 Women Elizabeth Vela
Odds & Ends James Vela
Women’s Open Rachel Velasquez
Odds & Ends Andrea Velasquez
Men’s Open Sean Velasquez
3 Men – 3 Women Robert Velasquez
Commercial Monica Venegas
3 Men – 3 Women Sara Rose Vera
Odds & Ends darren vera
Women’s Open Tina Vera-Adame
Odds & Ends Priscilla Verastiqui
Commercial Victoria Vidaurre
Odds & Ends Crystal Viera
Women’s Open Jeannette Viera
Odds & Ends Jose Villa
Odds & Ends Rosa Villarreal
Odds & Ends Joyce Villarreal
Odds & Ends Elias Villarreal
Women’s Open Iris Villarreal
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Pablo Villarreal
Master’s Men Arnie Villarreal
Odds & Ends David Villarreal
Elementary Odds & Ends Amaris Villarreal
Elementary Male Matthew Villarreal
3 Men – 3 Women Abel Villarreal
Junior Women Deliah Villarreal
Commercial Gina M. Villarreal
Odds & Ends Rick Villarreal
3 Men – 3 Women Faren Von Duben
Middle School Female Mary Elizabeth Waiwaiole
Women’s Open Paige Walker
Women’s Open Ama Lee Waller
Commercial Craig Walley
Commercial Roger Warner
3 Men – 3 Women Lisa Waters
3 Men – 3 Women Billy Watson
Odds & Ends April Watson
Odds & Ends Ostine Watts
Odds & Ends Jane Webb
Odds & Ends Allison Webster
Women’s Open Kayla Wedige
Odds & Ends Tabetha Weeks
Master’s Men Mark Weiler
Master’s Women Jennifer Weiler
Commercial Amy Welch
Odds & Ends Royce Wells
Women’s Open Mary Wells
Odds & Ends Joel Wendell
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Mitchell Wert
Odds & Ends Melinda Wescott
Odds & Ends Steward West
Women’s Open Erika West
Odds & Ends Jonathan West
Commercial Ken Weston
Odds & Ends Leean Whipple
Women’s Open Erin White
Odds & Ends Jennifer Wickliffe
Elementary Male Cecil Wiggins
Odds & Ends Jeffrey Wigington
Commercial Lawrence Wilcox
3 Men – 3 Women Brady Williams
Odds & Ends Bella Williford
Odds & Ends Lisa Willis
Odds & Ends Cathy Wilson
Middle School Odds & Ends TJ Wilson
Odds & Ends Jay Wimberly
Women’s Open Vicky Winans
Senior Masters Men Joseph Wincelowicz
Odds & Ends Kenneth WINDHORST
3 Men – 3 Women Erin Wise
Odds & Ends Kimberly Witt
Odds & Ends Carol Wood
Women’s Open Krystal Wood
Odds & Ends Larry Woods
Junior 3 Men – 3 Women Dustin Worley
Elementary Female Kaylee Worthington
Odds & Ends Harry Wright
Women’s Open Erica Ybarra
Odds & Ends Jason Young
Master’s Women Liz Yzaguirre
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Paul Zaddock
Women’s Open Jocelyn Zajicek
3 Men – 3 Women julian zamarripa
Odds & Ends Fatima Zamarron
Odds & Ends Iliana Zamarron
Odds & Ends Maricruz Zapata
Commercial Mari Zapata
3 Men – 3 Women Tiffany Zapata
Men’s Open ruben zapata
Odds & Ends Priscilla Zavala
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Adnan Zeb
Women’s Open Amanda Zepeda
Odds & Ends Manuel Zertuche
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Andrea Zuniga
Commercial Lorena Zuvia