armed forces day
saturday • may 20, 2017
7am CST

Looking for a runner(s)? Looking for a team? Post or reply to connect.


55 and still running.

Looking for a reliable team.I have run B2B several times and would like 3rd or 6th leg....
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Looking for a runner for the 1st leg. Four out of five of us over 60. Running for fun.

Looking for a runner for 1st leg. Four out of five are over 60. Running for fun....
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Need One lady and One guy

Need one Lady and One guy to join with our team 3 lady/ 3 Guys team relay....
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Running for Life

Coming in from Houston, looking forward to having another wonderful time in Corpus Christi. Have run the 1,2,4,and 6 legs...
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2 women looking for a team

We are 2 women looking for a team to run with. Please contact us and let us know if you...
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Two runners needed… Speed is not a concern.

We are from San Antonio and will be heading to the beach on the 19th. We will be renting a...
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Looking for a team to adopt me!

Hey there! I am at 26 year old female looking for any kind of team to be included on! I...
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Hi there- recreational runner from port lavaca.

I'm a recreational runner from port lavaca. My average running pace for a mile is 9 mins. (I can bring...
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Being with a competitive team

I am a competitive person and my mile ranges from 5:30 to 6 minutes. The leg that I'm wanting to...
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Older age team

Looking for a team that is wanting to run the Beach to Bay but not necessarily have to win first...
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Two runners needed

We have a mixed team, but are in need of two more runners. More than likely, the 1st and 4th...
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Need a lady runner!

Hi! Our all ladies team needs ONE more runner for Leg 2 or 3. We are mixed ages from 27-40....
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Be on a good team

Looking to be on a competitive team to be on. My mile pace ranges from 530 to 6 min per...
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Looking for Master Women

Looking for a master women to run on our team that can run a 8:30 pace or better. All fees...
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Looking for team

Would like to join a team for this year's beach to bay. I've participated in this event for the past...
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looking for senior team. i am 83. Present MM pace is 11:28

Looking for senior team. I am 83. Present MM pace is 11:28...
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